HealixTecc is a division of Poly-Gel, a leader in the medical and consumer health care markets for more than 25 years. In continuing with its tradition of being an innovative developer of products, Poly-Gel’s brand new, cutting-edge HealixTecc line of engineered orthotics for professional has been designed to improve comfort, enhance work performance, and help in decreasing work related injuries. The product line has been developed by a leading health care professional in the United States along with the most advanced manufacturing technologies from our overseas partners.

Poly-Gel’s top-quality orthopedic and gel products have and continue to enhance the quality of people’s lives across all parts of the world. If you have ever had the opportunity to place a gel product in your shoe, there is an excellent chance that the product was developed as well as manufactured by our company. Our well known gel support, cushioning and protection products are recommended and used by many of the world’s leading industrial and health care professionals.

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